Best Dive Sites in Gran Canaria


Among the variety of beaches that one can explore in Gran Canaria, there are also plenty of dive sites perfect for those interested in the aquatic life or those that just like more being underwater than in the scorching sun.

Gran Canaria has dive sites that are fit for beginner and for experienced divers as well. For example, you can train by diving in the sheltered bays and coves or you can explore the deeper wrecks.

Of course, you might come across a great variety of dive sites, but you might not have enough time to submerge in all of them – that’s why, today, we thought of telling you which the best dive sites in Gran Canaria are.

Naturally, before looking into Gran Canaria airport transfers, it’s better to look into the dive sites it has available, right? After all, you want to get ready for such an experience – you’ll soon see why.

El Cabron Marine Reserve, Arinaga

The El Cabron Marine Reserve can be found on the east coast and is one of the most famous dive sites of Gran Canaria. This is because of the quantity and variety of the marine life – no wonder it has been proposed as a marine reserve.

In terms of scenery, the underwater world found here contains tunnels, caves, arches, cliffs, and many more. The entry point of El Cabron splits into four main routes, while up to eight or ten dives can be found within the reserve.

Of course, you’ll also be surprised by the marine life you can find here – sardines, damselfish, barracuda, sea-horses, glass-eyes, and many more.

La Catedral, Las Palmas

If you want to reach this dive site, you’ll have to get on a boat, but that only when the tide and wind conditions are favorable. As the name suggests, this is a cavern dive – you’ll first descend to sea-bed at around 13m, and the dive through some large natural hoes until you reach the cavern that’s below.

The cavern that’s at the end of this dive is of around 45m long and it can offer the divers a dream-like scenery as the light streams in through the gaps of the cavern’s roof.

This one is recommended for more experienced divers and can provide them with some amazing examples of underwater geology – however, marine life can be a bit hard to find in here.

Puerto de Mogan

If you want to see a shipwreck, then this is the dive spot you want to get to. Puerto de Mogan is one of the small harbors that can be found along the South West Coast.

Diving here will give you the opportunity to see the wreck of the Cermona II it stands at about 18m deep in the water and it has been a fishing boat and a coastal trader before being purposely sunk in order to create an attraction for the Yellow Submarine that has its circuit around this wreck.

Dive sites can be found as easy as airport taxis in Gran Canaria – however, few of them are really worth diving in. We hope that our article has given you the information you needed for you to have the best dive while in Gran Canaria.