How to Choose the Best Hummer Desert Safari Deal


A big part of a Dubai Tour is the desert safari. The deserts in Dubai are the majestic red dune, the Middle East and the Arab World is so proud of. Not touring the Dubai deserts means you missed half of the attraction Dubai has to offer. Going on a desert safari is a must while touring Dubai and there are a lot of tourism companies that provide exciting desert safari offers and packages as well, however not all of these packages are same.

There are certain things or features a Dubai desert safari deal should include and one of them is the Hummer Tour. Hummer Desert Safari Dubai means dune bashing in a splendid Hummer car. Hummer safari deal is well-known for the adrenaline rush effect it has on tourists and the main reason why tourists prefer a Hummer safari deal to normal desert tour. But there are so many companies present online as well as offline that offers similar entertainments that it becomes confusing to choose one of them. If you are looking forward to your first Hummer safari tour, then make sure the deal you choose includes the following activities, otherwise you will not get your money’s worth.
Pick up and Drop off Service
It is common for desert safari guides to pick and drop their customers from their hotels. The service comes as part of the deal and you don’t have to pay additional charges for it. A Hummer will pick you up from your hotel at a designated time and you will continue the rest of the journey in the car. There location of the hotels matter in this case, if you and your fellow tourists are living in the same hotel, then it is easy but if you are living at a different location, you might need to arrive at another place for the car to pick you up. Similarly, after the tour is over, the Hummer will drop you off to your hotel.
Dune Bashing and Sand Boarding
During the journey, you will enjoy the ultimate dune bashing experience in the Hummer. The car takes on tricky paths and irregular dunes that makes the ride so fun. It’s like riding a rollercoaster, the constant and extreme ups and downs of the sand dunes create an adrenaline rush in the tourists. During the safari tour, you can also enjoy sand boarding as well. The activity and all the necessary gears comes as part of the deal. The company will provide you with sand boards and you can take part in this fun sport if you want.
Dinner and Entertainment
Whether your Hummer desert safari tour is overnight or not, doesn’t matter. The tourism company will provide you with BBQ dinner and entertainments, once you arrive at the camp. After arriving at the camp, you can enjoy various forms of entertainments like belly dances, fire shows, henna tattoos, costume photography and more. The quality of the dinner may vary depending on the type of deal you chose and the amount of money you paid but generally the food is high-quality, healthy and delicious.