Plan a short tour to the lonely planet


Myanmar is often known as lonely planet. Stepping to Myanmar or often known as Burma feels like setting foot on a foreign, untouched planet. With few other travellers to contend with, the natural and man-made wonders of this underexplored part of Southeast Asia make you feel like they’ve been placed here just for you. It is an awesome place with full of natural beauties.

The significant features of the place: It can be well said in this connection that a small tour to Myanmar will definitely give you an awesome experience for lifetime.  It is a great thing to explore the water world of Myanmar.   In the exclusive watery world of Inle Lake or Intha fisherman row canoes with one leg, the gardens float, and wooden homes perch above the water on rickety stilts. Devote some more time for exploring one of Myanmar’s most iconic destinations with an early-morning cruise; it is for sure that you will never forget it in your entire lifetime. The crystal clear water will enable you to see your own face on the water.

The awesome boat trip: Every morning an awesome wooden boat decorated beautifully and fitted with long-tailed motors accompany the visitors to various natural, cultural, religious and historic sites of the place. Nyaungshwe located on the northern edge of the lake, is the base for setting out on motorboat trips. Perhaps each and every hotel and guesthouse in the town arranges for it and wait for a boat captain to approach you in the street. The whole thing appears to look absolutely beautiful. It seems that everything has been arranged from the very beginning. The mornings are so pure and fresh in the town.

A manadatory cycle trip: In fact Myanmar tours are not complete without a beautiful cycle ride across the country side. The villages have a mind blowing scenic view that can make you feel refreshed and energised. Many of the sights are found in and around the lake, including the famous hot springs and small villages. You can also continue pedalling until you reach Khaung Daing. It is an Intha village producing Shan State’s famous tofu. Shan tofu is basically made with split yellow pea flour, which is mixed with boiling and then poured into a mould to set. Thin tofu wafers are set out to dry, and you can enjoy a tofu salad with your food.  It will make your food more tasty and delicious.

Once you finish your lunch you can hire a boat for K8000 or US$6.50 to ferry you and your bike across the lake. You’ll be deposited on the eastern side, where you can continue with cycling through the sugar cane plantations and small villages. The villages in that area usually cultivate different types of vegetables. As you move towards the north side of the lake you will see Red Mountain Estate winery to the east. Once you head up the hill for a magnificent view of Inle and the vineyards you will get the smell of wide variety of wines. You can continue around the lake, and head into Nyaungshwe before sunset as the roads do not have sufficient lights. Hence it is always better to reach your hotel before the sun sets to go. During the night time it is preferred to stay inside the hotel.